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"A.B. Clinic 3 - The Final Chapter"

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59 minutes playing time
Featuring Belle and Pamela

Previously in AB Clinic:

Pamela is an adult who's digestive system has not evolved and is still like a baby's. She was constantly wetting her bed.
Finally she visited a clinic where they diagnosed the problem. They insist she be kept in their special nursery and be treated like an adult baby until she was cured

Another six months have passed

Pamela wakes in the cot in the clinic nursery and calls out yet again to nurse Belle she is not a baby, she is an adult and she should be home in her own bed. Nurse Belle enters and checks her diaper and feels it is wet just as it has been every morning since she arrived a year ago.
Belle changes her diaper and leads her off to the examination room for more tests.

She shows Pamela her most recent X Rays that clearly indicate her digestive system and especially her bladder have not full formed and that is why she keeps wetting herself and needs to be kept in diapers.
The clinic has purchased a new pee detection device and Belle proceeds to demonstrate on Pamela how the probe will be inserted all the way in her vagina for the night and how the wetness will be monitored electronically. She will also be observed on CCTV

Concerned about her temperature, Belle pulls on latex gloves, undoes Pamela's diaper and lubricates Pamela's tight ass hole with her finger then slides in a rectal thermometer. Pamela has never had anything in her bottom before and was quite nervous.

Back in the nursery, Pamela is left to play by herself in a playpen for a while. Then Belle comes in to give her an afternoon breast feed.
Then it is time to try some solids but it is a continual battle with Pamela trying to get her fingers in the fruit puree and covering both herself and nurse Belle in baby food.

Belle decides she will have to put Pamela in the tub straight away.
Once in the bathroom she instructs Pamela not to move while she washes herself and changes into a clean uniform.

But Pamela needs to pee badly and even though the toilet is only a few feet away she lets it all flow into and through diaper where it streams onto the floor creating a big puddle of pee
Belle berates her while she mops up the mess and drives it home to Pamela she is still an adult baby must still be treated like one.

Once Belle has cleaned up and stripped Pamela and put her into the tub she bathes her thoroughly and takes her back to the nursery to be diapered and made ready for bed.

With Pamela in the cot, Belle undoes one side of Pamela's diaper and using her finger to lubricate Pamela's vagina first she inserts the detection probe and turns it on. Then she retreats to her office to remotely monitor Pamela during the night.

While she watching her on CCTV the wetness alarm goes off three or four times. Belle smugly knows for certain that Pamela is way off being an adult.

Pamela wakes in the morning and calls out for nurse Belle. She is keen to know what the wetness detector picked up overnight.
Belle tells her she will be an adult baby indefinitely but then lets her into Belle's BIG secret.

Belle says she is a closet adult baby herself and all she really wants is another cute adult baby girl to play with. She takes off her grown up clothes while Pamela watches in astonishment. Then to Pamela's gradual acceptance and then to her delight Belle gets Pamela to help her put on a diaper and baby clothes so they can play happily together in the clinic nursery forever.
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